decor + space design

Adele has been the Artist Decor Department Manager at Insomniac Events since 2016; designing and installing both the Artist Trailers + Lounges within the Artist Compound at nationwide festivals + concerts + major events.  She creates unique experiences alongside the theme of each individual event with decor, furniture, costumed performers and varied activities. 

Adele is also responsible for all CEO Pasquale Rotella’s personal trailer, lounges, campsite + golf cart decor for each event, as well as the designer for Insomniac’s YouTube series “Golf Cart Confessionals”. 


As of recently, she has been brought on to do stage scenic, and work alongside Experience department for varied decor + design projects throughout our festivals including themed beauty tents, Festival Activations tents, Camp EDC Installations, as well as Themed Bars + Areas.